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Lexi – Adopted!

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Will you help give little Lexi the second chance she deserves?

Sweet little Lexi came to us with one of the worst cases of fleas we have ever seen. Her skin was crawling with them and as you can imagine,  she was miserable. A victim of a neglect case, she was also missing some hair on her back and her teeth were in poor shape. She has since regrown some of her coat and with her hypoallergenic diet, she is doing well.

Lexi is an absolute sweetheart and loves to hike and chew on sticks and tennis balls. She also loves to be held and pet and especially appreciates it when people talked sweetly to her. Because of the lack of love and attention in her past, she does have some separation anxiety which she is receiving care for.

She is probably around 5 years old.

Due to her prior mistreatment, Lexi has some separation anxiety and does not do well in kennels/crates. She is currently living in our caretaker office and doing well with that set up. Her favorite spot is on her big comfy chair – half the time on the back of it like a kitty!

Will you help give Lexi a second chance?

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  • Moriah Kessinger

    Just an update on Lexi – she’s been home for almost 2 months now and is thriving. She’s healthy, happy and an absolute joy to have. She’s off all medications, has been able to calmly deal with us going out without her on occasion and is possibly the silliest, smartest and snuggliest dog ever.

    • tracy

      Moriah –
      We’re so happy to hear that Lexi is thriving in her new home! We would love to share this update on Facebook!

  • percette carl

    Is it possible that people are not responding to the adoption of Lexi because of her special diet needs? Is it an expense they are unwilling to take on? She needs a home and I would be willing to donate money to help a new owner with her feeding expenses if that could be set up some how.

  • Helen Anne

    Can you give me an update on her condition now that her teeth were removed? I think she is such a sweet gal. Do you have to feed her soft food now?