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Newbie is a mellow, easygoing guy!

UPDATE!  1/4/2013 – Newbie has been adopted!

Newbie is a beautiful easygoing, 14 pound, black, male turkey.  Newbie is approximately 2 1/2 years old.  He is very mellow and doesn’t mind being handled.  He currently lives very happily, and by choice, with several chicken hens and roosters.  He is a funny guy, who is totally submissive and tends to get picked on by the other turkeys as a result, but he loves “peacocking” at the roosters through the fence as long as they can’t get to him.

We think Newbie would live fine with roosters, hens, ducks, and turkeys as long as they are not aggressive toward him.  A female turkey might be ok.

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  • Kari, Animal Caretaker

    Newbie was just recently adopted! Congrats Newbie on your new home! We do have lots of other turkeys looking for a home if anyone is interested in adopting a turkey.