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George is a handsome Bronze Turkey who is looking for a home of his own.

George is a handsome, confident guy who gets along well with others

George is a beautiful, confident three-year-old turkey. Bronze Turkeys like George have plumage with large patterns and striking colors.

This gorgeous guy loves to strut and spread out his beautiful feathers. George gets along well with chickens (both hens and roosters) and other turkeys, but we recommend that he not be placed in a home with a female turkey. Turkeys do have social hierarchies where they establish dominance, so George should be monitored if his new home includes other male turkeys to ensure that no rivalries are started.

George can fly and clear a four-foot fence with ease, so his new family will need to have an enclosure that can keep him safe from predators. George loves to roost and it is not uncommon to find him perched somewhere high, resting and watching the flock.

Does George sound like the bird for you?

If you would like to adopt George, please complete an adoption inquiry.

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