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Kohl, looking for a family to love her…ADOPTED!!

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Kohl is an 8 year old, very slender German Shepherd girl with the sweetest face you have ever seen!

When Kohl’s “Daddy” died, her “Mommy” didn’t want her anymore so she abandoned her at the shelter.  We can’t imagine how this sweet “Daddy’s Girl” coped with the grief of losing her best friend and then being rejected by the other person in her pack…but one thing we do know is, she will never feel that way again!

Kohl is a happy, healthy, loving and affectionate lady with a “momma dog” personality.   She is very caring and warm toward other mellow dogs like herself.  Kohl loves being with people, especially if they are willing to take her on a nice long walk!  Kohl is on a hypoallergenic diet, and will need to maintain it to keep her and her coat in good health.

Kohl is looking for a family who will love her, not matter what happens in their lives.  This sweet girl deserves the best that a family can offer her, and we hope she finds somewhere that she can be the loved and valued family member that she wants to be.  Kohl has many years yet to enjoy being part of a family…won’t you consider making Kohl part of your “pack” today?

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