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Sarah, Sweet and Sassy! – Adopted!!

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UPDATE: Sarah has been adopted!

I’m a sassy little thing – some might even call me a doggie diva!  Seriously though, under all of that, I am the sweetest and most loving friend you could ever hope for.

LIKES: Causal walks, treats, conversations, fashionable clothes, grooming dates, sniffing, car rides

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I’m a ten year old Shih Tzu. I get excited and piddle a little bit sometimes.  Don’t hate!  It happens to the best of us! It just means sky’s the limit with my doggie diva wardrobe.

Did you notice my flowing brown & white hair and big brown button eyes?

DISLIKES: Veterinarians, when my people leave, not having matching outfits, brussel sprouts

SEEKING : A long term relationship filled with love, doggie clothes and l lots of devoting on me.

Are you ready to have the most adorable dog on the planet by your side?  Click here to meet me!


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