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Wish List

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You can help us make a big difference by donating much-needed supplies and equipment!

Rescued animals most often recieve the care they need in the Pasado’s clinic


We have an on-site veterinary clinic that serves our animals with much-needed medical care but we still need these items:

Autoclave: Refurbished 1st generation is approximately $3000, 2nd generation is about $3900.

Interpretive EKG Machine (this machine not only runs an ECG; it also helps diagnose problems that may not be heard through a stethoscope). (Price: approximately $2700.00).

Sterilizing/Instrument Tray, Perforated, 22.9 x 12.7 cm (9 x 5 in), 5.1 cm (2 in) deep, pkg. 1

Century Diagnostic/Specialty Light Model 021312 Wall Mount (Price: $1156.00). Model 021313  Floor (Price: $1316.00). Model 021314 Single Ceiling Mount (Price: $1159.00). Model 021315 Double Ceiling Mount (Price: $2290.00).

Andis 63855 Horse Clipper with Ceramic Edge #10 Blade Super AGR+ Professional Rechargeable Clipper in Storage Case (Andis)  (Price: $216.17 )

Spay Station

The Pasados Spay Stations (mobile spay/neuter clinics) offer “free” and low-cost surgeries to income qualified residents in King And Pierce Counties. The following items are needed at our Spay Station clinics.

(6) Snuggle Safe Heating Pad   These heating pads are needed to help bring the body temperature up post-surgery.

(2) Cardell Blood Pressure Monitor   This Blood Pressure monitor will help to keep the animals safe and healthy.

(2) Battery Powered Electrocautery Units   This cautery unit will make it easier to cauterize during surgery.

(2) HP Laserjet 27X Toner Cartridge    This printer cartridge will help us with printer flyers and other promotional materials.


Pet Food Bank

Help us help animals in need

Cat food – Canned and dry (Biggest need)

Dog food – Canned and dry

Cat and dog treats

Kitty Litter

Cruelty Investigation & Rescue


Large or Walk-In Refrigerator – (used or new)

Haz Mat suits  (Both non-Tyvek and  Tyvek) : Sizes S, M, L, XL – 25-50 of each

Ammonia Reader

Universal Microchip Scanner for Cruelty Department

Veterinary Forensics for ACI dept.

Super Talon Animal Catcher (a non-lethal response to capturing animals)  Advanced Weapons Technology, 760-777-7229

Costco Gift Cards  (Price: $25 – $1000)

Air Fare Miles

A Freeman Cage Net (used to catch feral or fractious cats and transport them). Standard Size # FP-CC (Price: $ 78.00)

Donation to Monroe Farm and Feed for cruelty cases (a hay bank established would be amazing!)


Help us care for our farm animals by purchasing them something from the wish list!

Donations to Monroe Farm and Feed (Tel. No. 360-794-4663) under Pasado’s account. Hay prices are going through the roof! We will be receiving requests to help families who cannot feed their horses and other farm animals. You can donate to our account at Monroe Farm and Feed to help us provide necessary food for the Pasado’s animals and those who request help.

Hog Panels (We get a discount at Monroe Farm & Feed, Tel. No. 360-794-4663).

Icom IC-F4001 Radios (these radios help us to stay in touch with each other across 85 acres!)  You will have to tell the distributor to “Program and ship them to Pasado’s Safe Haven”.  He has our shipping and FCC information and can pre-program them prior to shipping.  Replacement Batteries: Icom BP-265.

Lowe’s Gift Cards

Poly posts (or similar sturdy, plastic, temporary fencing posts) and white electric fence tapenew or used

Solar Lights: Portfolio 12-Pack Solar Path Landscape Light Kit

Bandage Scissors from Valley Vet Supply

Spray-on Sunscreen for kids (SPF 50+) for our Pigs and other white animals

Gallon sized jugs of vegetable or canola oil, BULK containers are great!

PMI Llama Supplement LP

Produce: leafy greens are best. Nothing with a pit or seeds. No onions, cabbage, or citrus fruits.



Monroe Farm and Feed donations (call 360-794-4663 and request to make a farm feed donation; they know what we order every month).


Dog Towne & Kitty City 

Poop bag holders from Pet Edge

Replacement/Refill poop bags from Pet Edge

2-sided brush from Pet Edge

Zanie’s Rope and Tennis Ball Toys from Pet Edge

Diamond Maintenance Dry dog food

Evangers Vegetarian Dog/Cat food

Iams dry dog food, Rx diet – call for details

Greenies Pill Pockets – all sizes, all flavors

Cotton rope toys

Vitamin Supplements (Hip, Joint, Spine)

Martingale collars (soft collars, no chains) – any size (Ask at your local pet store and they can direct you).

The Dog Towne Residents all sleep on Kuranda PVC, raised, washable beds that give them ooohhhss of happiness for their old joints! The Kitty City cats like the cat bed towers too! If you would like to donate a bed or tower, please click here. Prices range from $56-$102.

Our cats in Kitty City would love any of the wonderful washable Feline Snoozer cat towers to play and lay on. Prices range from a single bed at $34.95-the deluxe tower at $489.00.  See the Catalog here. Or you can order gift Certificates for us to use. Look us up on the shelter listing!

Jolly Pets 10″ Teaser Ball: Unique fun for our dogs. Item #:JP-1510ASST (Price: $19.99).

Help us make a difference in the lives of our rescued dogs and cats!

Feliway System (pheromone-based diffuser to aid in behavior modification). Plug-In, 9B-13069  (Price: $27.99). Refill,  9B-13071 (Price:  $17.59).

Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Cat Litter

Wellness or Wevuva canned Cat food: We can use any flavor of canned cat food.

PetSmart Gift Card (Price: $25.00 – 500.00).

Canned cat food: any flavor of Wellness, Weruva or Evangers.

Dry cat food: Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul Light, or Diamond Mantenance Dry Cat food.

Kitty litter (clumping)

Cat Beds

Large (deep) Litter Boxes with or without lids

Cat toys

Pill Pockets for cats


New or used tack, equipment, barn and feeding supplies, doesn’t have to be clean, just please no broken equipment.

Professional trainers or boarding barn owners who are willing to offer a discount on training and/or offer a discount on board for a horse in training at a boarding facility. We have very diverse needs and are always looking for professionals willing to donate their time and skills. Construction, pasture management, horse training, saddle fitting, nutrition, etc.

For Magic: This guy is our ‘go-to’ as being totally safe, friendly and quiet. He is the horse we can always trust to be a gentleman around kids and those who have never been around horses. Like many older horses Magic has severe arthritis. He stays comfortable thanks to an expensive (but totally worth it!) combination of therapeutic shoeing, joint supplements and monthly Adequan injections along with proper management.

Average Costs for Magic

1 dose of Adequan costs almost $50
A 30 day supply of Absorbine Flex + Max costs $50–max-8443p

Every 8 weeks: Therapeutic shoeing reset – $230, or a new set of therapeutic shoes – $250

$233.00 a month JUST to manage his arthritis.

For Omi: Due to severe arthritis in her coffin and navicular bone and other health issues, Omi gets a special supplement. Trifecta 4 in 1 from Horse guard.

Omi gets triple crown senior feed (she needs the extra calories and tends to be picky about other foods). Vegetable oil (any brand) is great as well. Omi gets up to 4 cups a day to help her keep weight on.

For Babs: Has a multitude of skin and hoof problems. We recently tried an Omega 3/hoof supplement and it drastically improved her hoof quality and decreased her white line separation. Her feet are looking awesome now! We can’t afford to give her a hoof supplement anymore, the hope is that the progress made may not reverse, but it would be wonderful for her skin an hooves to continue getting some kind of omega 3 or hoof supplement.

For Summer: Joint supplement to maintain joint health for the long and happy career she has ahead of her (we can’t afford to give one to her so any joint supplement is just fine), donation toward board and training (full care board is $495 per month, half-time training is $200 per month). A chiropractic appointment (every 1-3 months as needed) for Summer is $100.

All the horses wish for Beet Pulp Pellets (they all eat them), almost all feed stores carry them.

We buy almost all of our farm animals’ food as well as many farm supplies and shavings from Monroe Farm and Feed, people can call and make a donation toward our account and the money will go toward our next purchase.

Probios powder (or an equine probiotic) – horses and farmed animals can get upset tummies just like dogs, cats, and humans. Many of our animals were rescued from starvation or neglectful situations and sometimes there is damage to their digestive systems that we can’t detect that makes them more likely to develop digestive issues (especially during the rehab process). Older animals (even if they were well cared for throughout life) also tend to have more trouble digesting during times of stress. Slightly expired is okay.

Plastic muck rakes

Cleaning Supplies

Washing Machine – for Pasado’s intern house

Towels (new or used)

Blankets (new or used)

Paper Towels


All-purpose cleaner

Liquid laundry detergent

Hand soap

Hand sanitizer

Dishwasher detergent

Dish soap



AA, AAA, C, D batteries

Bright colored paper

White copy paper

Gift Cards

Monroe Farm & Feed

Dayville Hay & Grain

Del’s Feed and Farm Supply

Safeway (we always need applesauce for chickens, and carrots and canola oil for horses)

Pacific Topsoil (we are always adding or replacing gravel).



Lowe’s Gift Cards

Home Depot Gift Cards 

Barmon Lumber (in Sultan) (360) 793-2682

Thanks to the support of readers like you, Pasado’s Safe Haven can continue to be a force and a voice for those who need our help the most!


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