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Employment Opportunities

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Working at Pasado’s Safe Haven can be a very rewarding and life-changing experience!

About working at Pasado’s Safe Haven…

Because of the range of animal rescue and care that Pasado’s Safe Haven offers, there are job openings that occur from time to time. Many involve direct animal care, while others support what we do for the animals by assisting at the sanctuary or in the office.

Is Pasado’s right for you?

Pasado’s sanctuary is located one hour northeast of Seattle, but it feels more like a lifetime away. Monroe, the closest town to Seattle, is small but growing. The sanctuary is located approximately twenty minutes away, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. There are many houses and apartments for rent or sale in the area of Sultan/Monroe, ranging from fairly inexpensive to very expensive.

The weather: While the Northwest is known for being wet, we actually receive less annual rainfall than New York! However, we do admit to gloom, more often than we’d prefer. But the temperatures are mild, even in winter. Although we can experience an infrequent ice storm, most winter months are in the 30s. Summers are in the 70s or 80s typically.

The “downside” of working for Pasado’s Safe Haven:  Any position at Pasado’s Safe Haven, whether it’s in the office or on the sanctuary grounds with the animals, can be emotionally difficult. Everyone, no matter what position they may play here, is involved to some degree in every rescue, every story of neglect or abuse, and every cruelty law that we work on passing. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. Despite our different talents and work assignments, we all share the same passion and we work together to help the animals. But facing sadness is a reality. The “upside” is that you are working to leave a legacy, not just for a paycheck. And you share every one of your work days with people who are just like you – who love animals and who want to make a difference.

Knowing Pasado’s Philosophy:  To be able to work cooperatively, we like to know that we all believe in the same things. For instance, we do not believe in “selective compassion,” meaning that we work for the welfare of all animals. Our kitchens are “animal-free” zones. Our coat and shoe racks are “fur and leather free.” We ask that you adhere to veganism while on sanctuary property.

Current Employment Opportunities

Caregiver Team Manager: The Caregiver Team Manager is accountable for ensuring that the organization maintains appropriate animal care/enrichment standards and for managing the team, processes, projects, trainings and budgets associated with the care of our sanctuary animals.

Pasado’s Safe Haven is not currently hiring for the following positions but we will gladly keep your application on file.

Animal Caregiver: Pasado’s Safe Haven is seeking an Animal Caregiver. This person will be responsible for  caring for all aspects of dog, cat and farmed animal care at Pasado’s Safe Haven (PSH).

Sanctuary Caretaker: Do you enjoy being around animals and want to make a positive difference in their lives? Pasado’s Safe Haven is seeking an outgoing and energetic Sanctuary Caretaker to join our team.


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