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Lisa Frank – Adopted!

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Lisa Frank April 2013 FaceLisa Frank is a sassy, active, independent teenager. Like most teenagers, getting love from her is strictly on her terms. The song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” must have been written for her! She loves to play and will play with anything.

Lisa Frank was rescued with a group of feral kittens. She just wants to play rather than being petted, she will tolerate being held for brief periods of time. Once she gets to know you, though, she’ll warm up. Her beautiful, striking appearance always gets her noticed.

She is living in Kitty City with all our other cats, but we feel that that once she becomes your one and only, you’ll find true love! Can you open your heart and home to her? If you think that Lisa Frank sounds like the kitty for you, please contact our adoption coordinator, Heidi, at HeidiM@Pasadosafehaven.org.

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  • adria ridolfi

    How adorable! I wish I was allowed to have a pet where I live! Praying for her to find a loving forever home soon.