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Jimmy – Adopted!

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Jimmy is the most affectionate kitty you could ever meet!

Jimmy is a male manx who can’t seem to get enough attention!

Jimmy absolutely loves people, and this vocal, outgoing boy always brings a smile to our faces. Jimmy would be a good candidate for a home with children, as he is extremely tolerant and isn’t uncomfortable with being petted and handled. This happy guy even loves belly rubs! With no tail and a gorgeous gray and white coat, Jimmy is handsome, unique, and striking.

Jimmy is FIV+, and he is looking for a home without other cats or with other FIV+ friends. Jimmy came from a group living situation with other kitties, so we feel that this gregarious guy would be happy in a home with other FIV+ feline siblings. Jimmy can’t wait to dote on his own special someone and begin a wonderful new life!

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